Sunday, October 4, 2009


昨天晚上回到家來, 一LOG IN MSN就有大半年無聯絡的朋友傳來訊息. 我當然不虞有詐. 就是閒聊吧.

唉. 說著說著就給他弄得一頭問號, 他不斷的BLAH BLAH BLAH的說, 我完全不知他在說什麼. 說的都是兩年前的點滴. 是跟他一起吃過什麼東西, 我說過什麼話那些. 但又總在暗示我當時做錯了, 傷害了他. 哇, 大佬, 我記性很不濟的, 那記得那時發生了什麼事, 說過了什麼話, 做過些什麼, 我真的忘記了. 那時他又完全沒有什麼的. 是, 那時他總在堅持要付錢, 有些時候還是他偷偷先去結了賬的. 怎麼兩年後突然說起這些來? 我連忙告訴我倆的共同朋友. 她說他也對她說了奇怪的事情. 只是我的那些比她那些更WEIRD!

好驚囉. 其實那時他離開香港時, 我們已覺他有點不尋常, 情緒上總有點怪怪的. 兩年來也沒有找工作.

u just din know that bo lo bao incident taught me alot now it all comes in full circle. the dinner we had in crystal jade while u came.

u were part of the design to let me learn. when moses parted the sea, there is a deep divide that now needs to be bridged. anyway, if you ever bring your friends to that restaurant in paragon, orchard singapore. do remember to prepare HKD 1325 that is the price for 2 persons.

i have a personal friend who can cure you. you should fly over to see him. i think u do need to see my fren. drop me a note the next time you get here. i will pay for your first visit once you finish the entire course of medication which he usually gives for 6 months. i will escort you from the airport.

money is a small thing. those monies that i spent on treating you and xx. i reserve the rights to recall them but i will not within the next 1 year. you can run but you cannot hide. you can choose not to be my friend. I'll be sad. may cry as i did at the cafe. but i dun mind cos it's your choice.

u know what happened to me in those 2 years. i did not get what was promised to me i was lied to and i had to walk on the surface of the earth as if nothing appened. any lesser man would have gone mad, or committed suicide.

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